Increasing safety and reducing accidents is the biggest motivation for fleet managers who have installed driver behaviour management technology.

A driver behaviour management system gives fleet managers the ability to monitor driver performance in regard to speeding, acceleration, braking, and other factors that can impact on safety. These systems typically provide real-time audible or visual feedback to fleet drivers on their performance and even are capable to support driver coaching and training.


driver behaviour


We utilise the 3-axis accelerometer in our GPS tracking devices to calculate the driving behaviours such as Rapid Acceleration, Harsh Braking, Hard Cornering & High RPM.

Using these criteria we assess each driver according to his or her driver score, which is then calculated using penalty points, each violation adds penalty points, these penalty points are calculated for each trip, and can then be summed up or averaged out according to time or distance travelled in the set time period.


Drivers can be monitored using an overspeed threshold over the local speed limit and/or a fixed speed limit. We understand each road has different local speed limits so we have developed our tracking software with unbuilt local speed limits, with this data we are able to more accurately monitor the number of times a driver has actually exceeded the speed limit.

Generate reports based on the number of times the driver has exceeded the speed limit or get instant notifications via system message, SMS or email alerts.


Most Ready Track GPS tracking devices have the option for SOS functionality, from the PN40 personal tracker to the Plug & Play VX60 vehicle tracker. The Duress alarm is a very important feature to monitor driver safety, especially when drivers are on their own or are driving in remote areas where some phones do not have coverage.

Assigning alert members to each tracker allows the safe monitoring of your staff through system alerts, SMS and email alerts to an unlimited number of people.


Custom functions can be added to further monitor the staff safety. Custom functions depend on the model of the GPS tracker and the availability of integrating these functions into the device. Functions include; Seat belt sensor, door sensor, temperature sensor, fuel sensor and engine error code sensor.

Ready Track is able to combine multiple functions into the one platform, allowing you to monitor your entire fleet all from the convenience of your office computer or smartphone.


Ready Track has developed the driver behaviour module as an added feature to the Premium and Pro tracking plans, it utilises the 3 axis accelerometer built into our GPS tracking devices to determine reckless driving behaviour such as harsh braking, rapid acceleration and hard cornering, along with overspeeding according to the local street limit

“Get instant alerts and generate reports based on your driver’s driving behaviour or Duress (SOS)”

The assessment model depends on the violation criteria and coefficients that can be set for each vehicle individually. It uses penalty points, which, along with other criteria, can be set up in the Eco Driving tab of the unit properties. Each violation adds penalty points, which fleet managers should try to minimize. Penalty points are calculated for each Trip, and can then be summed up or averaged out according to time or distance travelled.

There are 5 criteria types that can be used as basis for violations:

  • Acceleration (positive acceleration, uses hardware accelerometer*)
  • Braking (negative acceleration, uses hardware accelerometer*)
  • Cornering / Turn (angular acceleration, uses hardware accelerometer*).
  • Speeding (speed limits can be user-defined or road-specific – availability varies based on region)
  • Custom (any unit sensor can be used to further customize an assessment model, for example, engine RPM, seat belt status, etc.)

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