VX60 Fleet/Vehicle GPS Tracker

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The Ready Track VX60 is a GPS vehicle tracker specially developed and designed with OBD II (On-Board Diagnostics II) functions, mainly used for vehicle tracking, anti-theft, vehicle examination and fault diagnostics etc.

It can provide you with professional analysis for economic and safe driving.

VX60 can be easily and quickly installed, plug-in and play.

*This is a 3G/4G device*

No need for complicated installations leaving damage and messy wires in your vehicle, simply plug device into vehicles OBD-II port under the dashboard. Although we do offer free installation in the Sydney Metro Area

Vehicles compatible with this device are post 1996 passenger vehicles and most semi-commercial vehicles, if you are unsure if your vehicle will be suitable for this device, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


See just how easy it is to install the Ready Track VX60 in the INSTALLATION GUIDE

The VX60 has a dual tracking mode which helps you track by GSM station in case of GPS Tracking signal loss.

In the event that the vehicle is being driven in an area with no GSM signal, the VX60 will store all the location data on the inbuilt memory card an then upload them to the service once signal has been achieved.

Monitor and manage the vehicle by historical report. It can record the data for 3 months

The Ready Track VX60 GPS Tracker is in built with state of the art OBD capabilities, features available are listed below;

  • Check engine light problems
  • Rapid acceleration and deceleration alarm
  • High RPM alarm with live monitoring
  • Speeding alarm with live monitoring
  • Engine temperature monitor
  • Fuel consumption, fuel level and fuel cost calculator
  • Low battery alarm

Theft Alarm

  • Many of today’s cars have high tech alarm systems and engine immobilisers which make it difficult for thieves to steal a car, so they are resorting to actually towing the car away to a location where they will have time to dismantle the car or bypass the alarm system.The Ready Track VX60 GPS Tracker has an ingenious feature called the “Tow Alarm” which alerts you by SMS when you car is being towed away. Giving you the opportunity to notify the police and track its location.


  • The Geo-Fencing features allows you to draw an area on the map that you would like the vehicle to stay in, if the vehicle drives inside or outside of this fence the device will send you an SMS advising you of the situation.

Tamper Alarm

  • In the event that the vehicle user may try to tamper or remove the device, you will receive an SMS to notify you of the situation.

 SOS Emergency Button

  • The Ready Track VX60 GPS Tracker comes with a conveniently placed SOS button, if the user is in any kind of distress they can press and hold the SOS button for 2 seconds which will then attempt to call up to three registered phone numbers allowing them to listen in and receive a real time GPS location by SMS

The VX60 is is an affordable tracking device for any company, especially when taking into account that you don’t need an auto-electrician to install the device which could save you hundreds of dollars per vehicle, its no wonder the VX60 is our most popular GPS tracker in Australia.

To get a detailed quote on your exact requirements, use the pricing tool by clicking on the “Pricing” link in the top menu

DID YOU KNOW? – Businesses with 10+ vehicles in their fleet can receive discounts of up to 50% so give us a call today or use the chat feature at the bottom right hand side of your screen to get a quote based on your specific requirements

Location Accuracy
Battery Life
Ease of Installation


  • Small and easy plug-and-play installation
  • Ultra low current consumption in deep sleep mode
  • Dual Band HSPA (3G) frequencies: 850(B5)/2100(B1)
  • 4G LTE Bands: 700(B28)/850(B5)/800(B3)/2100(B1)/2600(B7)
  • GSM jamming detection
  • Built-in 3-axis G-sensor
  • Build-in buzzer for configurable event
  • Harsh driving behavior events
  • OBDII data collection
  • Fuel economy calculation

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