GPS tracking, its more than just a dot on a map!

Ready Track has helped companies across Australia and abroad cut down labour costs, reduce fuel costs and get a complete overview of their staff and fleet. Much more than just basic tracking, we show businesses how to use our software as a very powerful tool to fine tune their business processes and ultimately run a much leaner business with smoother workflows and automated business reporting.

Connected fleets now only benefit the business, they also help your staff members do their job more efficiently, minimising downtime and increasing productivity, some of the ways we do this is by digitising delivery or job run-sheets, forms and invoices and having your customers data all in the palm on their hand, allowing them to see job or customer details, and navigate to site using the most economical route.

Increase Productivity

Easily identify vehicles in your fleet not being operated efficiently, productivity can be increased which in turn can be used to increase sales and improve customer service. This information can also be an important training tool to help employees with their efficiency.

With Ready Track GPS Fleet Tracking, dispatch decisions can be made quickly and accurately ensuring the right person is sent to each job. GPS Tracking enables you to identify the most efficient routes and dispatch your fleet according to location. Imagine getting an emergency service call and being able to see the closest technician, then dispatching him/her to the site.

 Reduce Labour Costs

One of the biggest expense to a company is labour cost, in companies where all the staff are in the office, it is easy to see when employees start and finish their shift, how long they take on their breaks, etc. But with businesses that have employees on the road, staff are invisible, this is where GPS fleet tracking enters as one of the most helpful tools to monitor and manage staff.

An example of how much a business can save on labour cost, is to think of this scenario; Employees arrive on the job site 15 minutes late, have a 1 hour lunch break, and call it a day 15 minutes before their shift ends. A total of 1 hour of lost time, using automated worktime reports, this can be monitored and lost time can be avoided.

Reduce Fuel Costs

Fuel costs are another major portion of a companies expenses, and our customers have seen upwards of 25% savings in fuel costs in their fleet by reducing idling, which costs approximately $5 per hour in fuel and wear & tear, using our deliver planner which can reorder the run-sheet for a vehicle into an order that is the most fuel efficient, and many other factors such as monitoring driver behaviour.

Improved fleet management resulting from the use of our system dramatically reduces mileage and fuel consumption. Also, Fewer nonproductive miles and less idling provides an additional reduction of the costs associated with fuel, oil changes, tyres and repairs.

Increased Driver Safety

Increasing safety and reducing accidents is the biggest motivation for fleet managers who have installed driver behaviour management technology.

A driver behaviour management system gives fleet managers the ability to monitor driver performance in regard to speeding, acceleration, braking, and other factors that can impact on safety. Each driver will be able to monitor his/her score through our app and compare with other drivers in the fleet.

Apart from driver behaviour scorecards, SOS/Duress alarms that send SMS messages to the back office in case of emergency and all ways that you can help increase safety amongst your staff on the road.


How crucial is it to get a GPS Tracking Device that can run on the 4G LTE network? Well, Telstra shutdown its 2G network in 2016 and has already planned to shutdown the 3G network in 2020 to make way for 5G, so to futureproof your business, a 4G ready GPS tracking device is very important.

In response to this, Ready Track has developed the most advanced yet affordable 4G GPS Tracking device, the VX60 Pro v.4, the device can be as simple as a semi-permanent plug & play solution that doesn’t require professional installation, to the most sophisticated solution that incorporates multiple inputs and outputs to provide a solution that leaves our competitors in the dust.

View your refrigerated trucks temperature throughout the day and get instant alerts if the temperature changes, or connect driver ID keypads and know exactly who was driving at anytime, helping you to see your driver behaviour scores, penalising bad drivers and rewarding good ones.

Ready Track has a wide range of GPS trackers for your vehicles. We provide domestic and commercial clients throughout Australia with world class GPS systems that constantly monitor the location, status and condition of their cars, trucks and motorcycles. We have everything from simple Plug and Play systems to advanced 3G multifunctional Fleet Management systems.

Other recommended GPS tracking devices

vx60 v4
ma100 gps tracker
tr800 gps tracker

VX60 – Plug & Play Vehicle GPS Tracker

The Ready Track VX60 is a GPS vehicle tracker specially developed and designed with OBD II (On-Board Diagnostics II) functions, these features are mainly used for vehicle tracking, anti-theft, vehicle examination and fault diagnostics etc.

It can provide you with professional analysis for economic and safe driving.

VX60 can be easily and quickly installed, plug-in and play.

MA100 – Motorcycle/Machinery GPS Tracking Device

The MA100 is a water resistant GPS tracker designed for applications requiring low current drain such as motorcycle, boat and machinery.

With multiple I/O’s this is a great device with many uses. It is water resistant to IPX6 Standard and includes a built-in relay with Latch Circuit, to remotely enable/disable ignition

TR800 – Hard-Wired Vehicle GPS Tracker

The TR800 is our most popular hard-wired gps tracker with location accuracy to under five meters and having features such as remote engine cut, signal jammer detection and device tampering detection. The main benefit of hard-wired GPS trackers are that installation can be more discreet than the Plug & Play types, however professional installation is needed and removal of dashboard panels is necessary.

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