Vehicle maintenance reminders

Have you ever forgotten a vehicle maintenance? We have, too. That’s why we created Reminders Module in the Ecofleet Fleet Management System. And now it is even more user friendly than before with less filling in.

Useful reminders

The reminders module is used for vehicle-specific reminders, most usually for regular maintenances. Usually you should go through a maintenance every year or 20 000 km (whichever comes first).

For heavy machinery, the maintenances are done after certain work hours (because they don’t travel that far, but do a fair bit of work going very slowly).

Recurring reminders

The Reminders module feature update is substantial and making life a lot easier for the Ecofleet customers.

Before you could add a maintenance reminder as a one-time thing, but now you can create recurring reminders. For example, you could create regular maintenance reminder for every year or after 20 000 km (again, whichever comes first).


How Reminders work

How it works is that you insert your maintenance schedule and after that Ecofleet will take care of reminding you at the right time. You choose how many days or kilometers before you wish to get the reminder.

You can set the reminder with time limit, mileage limit or both, so you can use it for other reminders as well. Reminders can be specific for your company and work processes, and regular maintenance is proved to make a huge difference in life expectancy for your vehicle and heavy machinery.

Or in the not so serious department, If you want to wash your car every month, why not set a reminder? Or do a thorough inspection of all vehicles in your fleet once every quarter?

There are many possibilities for helping you to take care of your vehicles with this automated process, and Ecofleet Reminders Module is the right tool to remind you.

The notification service is available for you by email or SMS, so you won’t miss the due maintenance ever again.