Portal Changelog

************************* 2016-02-26 Version 2.6 ************************* Web application - Added RFID and iButton logbook - Added RFID and iButton logbook permission settings to sub accounts - Added object driver behavior (RAG) report - Object passenger list added with import/export tools - Driver RFID/iButton changed to Auto assign and Driver assign sensor should be configured to detect drivers by RFID or iButton - Trailer Auto assign was added together with Trailer assign sensor to detect trailers by RFID or iButton - Trailer settings were extended with RFID and iButton - Passenger assign sensor was added to detect passengers by RFID or iButton in RFID and iButton logbook - Changes in object control tool which allow to pre-define command templates for GPS device protocols separately - Added import/export to objects control templates - Added event triggering in/out of zones, now it is possible to set sos, overspeed, door open or any other event just in exact zones - Sudden acceleration and braking events were renamed to Harsh acceleration and braking - Added Harsh cornering event - Added Connection: Yes event - Changed No Connection event to Connection: No - Added GPS: Yes event - Added GPS: No event - Changed Sensor event to Parameter event - Added Sensor event, when sensor value depends on pre-defined formula, calibration or percentage configuration - Added object history message export to CSV - Possibility to turn off odometer and engine hours counters - Possibility to set odometer absolute or relative sensor parameter - Possibility to set engine hours absolute or relative sensor parameter - Object engine idle and sos arrow icons - Expanded device icon settings, allows to set arrow color for stops, engine idle, moving and SOS event - Optimizations in event system - Added info tab in object settings, which shows all last device location, prameters and protocol information - Added paging to object, group, driver, passenger, trailer, event, template and sub account lists - Added delete all groups, drivers, passengers, trailers buttons - Added History, Reports, RFID and iButton logbook, Object control, Image gallery and Chat user defaults and permisions to all user accounts - GUI changes and improvements - Minor bug fixes ************************* 2015-11-05 Version 2.5.8 ************************* Web application - Google Traffic map added - Google Terrain map added - Added object sensors import/export - Added object services import/export - Possibility to set when event will be triggered during daily time - New chat message sound alert settings - Changes in server service which is responsible for scheduled reports generation, now it generates reports up to 15 times faster - Possibility to set much higher amount of object tail points - 9999 - Added fuel cost calculation to history route review list - Added fuel cost data items to reports - Added street view link to object menu - Added address variable to event message templates - Possibility to set access to sub accounts via URL, which can expire on exact date - Added item visibility on map controls - Some changes in travel sheet report - Added left object panel group visibility and follow checkboxes - Various bug fixes and improvements Mobile web application - GUI changes - Google Traffic map added - Google Terrain map added - Added item visibility on map controls ************************* 2015-09-16 Version 2.5.7 ************************* Web application - Updated jQuery to 2.1.4 version - Updated jQuery UI to 1.11.4 version - Possibility to set every object separately to use icon or arrow - Added temperature sensor - Added temperature graph report - Added ignition graph report - Added sensor graph report - Added object information report - Changes in fuel consumption rate settings - Added fuel cost per liter and gallon - Extended reports with fuel cost - Added possibility to change report data items - Driver is extended with possibility to upload photo - Possibility to upload custom user icons for objects for every user account - E-mail and SMS template editor with global variables - Possibility to choose e-mail and SMS templates in event settings - Added trailer settings - Added trailer information - Reports extended with trailer information - Added prevention from sending several duplicate commands to device at once - Changes in device connection and GPS status - Added data points to history track - Changed way how formula is calculated in sensors, now it is possible to enter formula with all math operators like +-/*() - Added sensor option which allows you to set if it will be visible in popups - Possibility to send multiple SMS event notifications to phone numbers separated by comma - Solved GUI issues under iOS in Safari web browser - Solved font issues under iOS web browsers - GUI changes in event properties window - Added last hour filter - Possibility to change tail color and tail points quantity for every object separately - A lot of structure changes in database - Added location filter settings - Minor bug fixes Mobile Apps - Support for GPS Tracker WP Windows Phone - Support for GPS Tracker iOS - Support for GPS Tracker BlackBerry ************************* 2015-03-04 Version 2.5 ************************* Web application - Changes in places system, which allow to manage big numbers of zones and markers much faster - Changes in sensor type percentage and value with calibration table calculations - Added direction arrows to history routes - Added history control toolbar which lets to turn off route, arrows, stops and events - Added possibility to clear detected sensor cache in accuracy settings - Added possibility to create routes under places for object movement control - Added route in and out events - Routes can be imported and exported - Zone names can be shown instead of addresses in reports - Added privileges settings for routes to subaccounts ************************* 2014-11-24 Version 2.4.5 ************************* Web application - Added chat for communication with mobile devices running GPS-tracker application - Added chat privileges in subaccounts settings - Events can be triggered for every week day separately - Added object follow tool to use in external application or browser window - Last map cluster visibility settings are stored in cookies - Higher data compression in real time tracking between server and client (web browser) - Faster objects load and search in left panel - Faster places load and search in left panel - Added nautical miles - Added GPS antenna cut event - Added Low DC event - Added user_access log creation in /logs/ folder - Added object_op log creation in /logs/ folder - GUI changes and bug fixes - PHPMailer updated to latest version Mobile application - Last map cluster visibility settings are stored in cookies - Higher data compression in real time tracking between server and client (web browser) - Added nautical miles Android Application - No more application reload on orientation change Android GPS-tracker - Added camera, it allows to make photos and upload to user account with last location (at least 2.3 Android version is needed) - Added chat for communication with main account - Added location accuracy settings - GUI changes Android GPS-tracker Hidden - Added location accuracy settings - GUI changes ************************* 2014-09-27 Version 2.4 ************************* Web application - GUI improvements and design changes in whole application - Moved to faster map engine - Added Yandex map support - Ruler now has modify option - Object clustering added - Marker clustering added - Map control for cluster view enable/disable added - Image viewer added which can receive images with location from GPS devices (will be used in new GPS device protocols to receive images) - SMS gateway configuration from user settings - Possibility to allow every user separately to use server SMS gateway - User can set own SMS gateway in account - Object control via SMS - Object control via SMS on event - Added %IMEI% variable to object control via GPRS and SMS commands - Bottom left panel show last server connection and location times - Changes in login and session system, improved security - Sensor event is triggered even if no GPS signal - Realtime tracking and event messages now show message receive time to server - If zone name is not visible, mouse hover on zone will show name Mobile application - GUI improvements, which make application faster and more responsive - Moved to faster map engine - Added Yandex map support - Object clustering added - Map control for cluster view enable/disable added ************************* 2014-07-15 Version 2.3.5 ************************* Web application - Objects now appear/disappear from map using left panel search - Geocoder changes, which allow to add different Geocoder systems - Added free Nominatim Geocoder support - Accuracy improvements in fuel fillings and thefts reports - PHPMailer updated to latest version - Device responses in ACSII and HEX are received after sending command to device - Odometer and engine hours are updated in realtime Mobile application - Fixed issue with history privileges in sub accounts ************************* 2014-05-19 Version 2.3.2 ************************* Web application - Added fuel level report - Added service report - Added possibility to set service to update "Last service" automatically - Rewritten subaccounts system - Added history and reports privileges for subaccounts - Improved security - Bug fixes and optimizations ************************* 2014-04-25 Version 2.3 ************************* Web application - Added scheduled reports (daily and weekly) - Added fuel filling report - Added fuel thefts report - Added object fuel filling and thefts accuracy settings - Added bracelet on/off event - Added service event - Added sensor calibration table, which allows to calibrate incorrect form fuel tanks, temperature sensor scales and etc. - Removed odometer and engine hours expires event and changed with new service tool - Added service tool which allows to set various objects maintenance intervals, like oil change, insurance expiry and etc. - Added feature which allows to select sound alarm for every event separately - Possibility to see location address in bottom left panel (realtime tracking, events and history) - Added feature which allows to set odometer calculation source: GPS, Absolute (odo parameter) or Relative (odor parameter) - Added feature which allows to set engine hours calculation source: ACC, Absolute (engh parameter) or Relative (enghr parameter) - If GPS device sends absolute odometer or engine hours value they are shown in events and history tracks in bottom left panel - Added feature which notifies user via e-mail about soon object expiration - Added reload button to places - Added add object button to object list in left panel - Changes in language loading system, if some parts or software are not translated to selected language, no error will be displayed, but English translation is loaded - Rewritten zone in/out algorithm for events and reports which is 30% faster than before - Clicking on object icon in left panel map zooms automatically - Added possibility to enter vehicle VIN number in object settings - From now flot graph shows also negative sensor values - Added tool tips to all buttons to make GUI more user friendly - Some changes in login dialog - Some GUI changes - Software now works with Internet Explorer 11 version - Bug fixes and optimizations Mobile application - Added event list with paging - Added link to desktop version for fast switching Android GPS-tracker - Added bats sensor parameter to monitor if mobile device is plugged to charger or not - Some bug fixes Android GPS-tracker Hidden - Added bats sensor parameter to monitor if mobile device is plugged to charger or not - Some bug fixes ************************* 2014-03-11 Version 2.2.7 ************************* Web application - Added man down event (works if GPS device supports that) - Added signal jamming event (works if GPS device supports that) - Added possibility to apply formula for value sensor (add, subtract, multiply and divide) - Fixed engine hours calculation in history and reports - Logic sensors graph is now shown as threshold - Mouse on history graph is being tracked in realtime - Account session checking and notification about expiry added - Added possibility to register RFID card swipes to separate database table - Now new object parameters for sensors are detected immediately, no need to reload account - Updated jqGrid library to 4.6 version - Timezones can be modified in one file and apply changes to whole software - Lots of code cleans up and optimizations - Bug fixes Mobile application - jQuery Mobile library updated to 1.4.2 version - Application rewriten to support new jQuery Mobile version - Some application optimizations Android GPS-tracker - Possibility to control application via web browser using commands, start/stop tracking, change interval, change command check interval - Battery level percentage is sent to GPS server and can be added as sensor Android GPS-tracker Hidden - Possibility to control application via web browser using commands, start/stop tracking, change interval, change command check interval - Battery level percentage is sent to GPS server and can be added as sensor - Fully rewritten application from scratch, more stable and user friendly GUI - Added more detailed status information - Added unit settings - Added clear buffer feature ************************* 2014-02-12 Version 2.2.5 ************************* Web application - Reports generation tool was rewritten, now it uses POST method - Reports now can be saved as templates for later fast use - Possibility to select zones for zone in/out report - History/Report route generation script changes, now it's more accurate - Added feature which resets odometer or engine hours on event - Changed fit objects on map behavior, now it fits only objects which are selected as visible - Object visibility and follow settings are stored into cookies to remember last selection status - Units now can be also translated using language files - Changed style of object control tool - /r and /n characters are correctly supported during command sending - Improved security from MySQL injection attack - Improved object position loading/refresh in accounts with more than 50 objects, it is much faster now - Added geocoder cache, this will reduce API calls to geocoder servers and make some address responses faster Mobile application - Menu style was changed - Some issues on iOS were fixed Android GPS-tracker - Fully rewritten application from scratch, more stable and user friendly GUI - Added more detailed status information - Added unit settings - Added clear buffer feature ************************* 2014-01-10 Version 2.2.2 ************************* Web application - Added possibility to resize height of bottom graph and messages panel - Added model, plate, driver and speed information to event message - Added sudden acceleration and braking events - Event e-mails are sent as no reply, to avoid backward e-mail flood if event message is not delivered - Multiple e-mail sending on event, limited to 5 e-mails - Distance to nearest zone or marker now is shown in left bottom panel - Added possibility to import and export places - Added possibility to delete all places - CPanel Admin and Manager privileges security improvements - Updated Flot library to 0.8.2 version - Some GUI changes in desktop and mobile version - Added version ID checker, to avoid cache clearing after updates Server - Added tool which makes portal to run as service in more simpler way than before ************************* 2013-12-02 Version 2.2.1 ************************* Web application - Reworked object sensors for easier configuration - Reworked fuel consumption rate calculation system - Engine hours and idle are not shown if ACC sensor is not configured - Added tow event (works on devices which have tow event/alarm) - Added odometer reaches event - Added engine hours reaches event - Events are not shown in user account for object which is not activated - Added possibility to duplicate objects - If same object is added to another user, all settings like fuel rates, accuracy and sensors are moved also automatically Protocols - Added duplicate location message checker, which reduces database size and speeds up history and reports loading ************************* 2013-11-25 Version 2.2 ************************* Web application - Added mobile version of tracking application - Added possibility to assign ACC (ignition) to any other digital input parameter - Added possibility to enable/disable object control via commands for sub account users - Added object control (command sending) on event - Added possibility to send multiple commands and monitor delivery status of every command - Command status now is refreshed automatically every 60 seconds - Added nearest zone and marker feature - Language files structure was changed to faster and smaller size - Fixed some small bug ************************* 2013-10-28 Version 2.1.9 ************************* Web application - Possibility to use multiple geocodder servers - Database structure changes - Added events reload panel button - Added engine hours counter (for devices with ACC parameter) - Added engine work and idle data to history and reports (for devices with ACC parameter) - Object odometer save issue fixed - Now it's shown if object did not leave zone in zone in/out report - When object history is cleared, object parameters are also removed from register ************************* 2013-10-15 Version 2.1.8 ************************* Web application - Added possbility to send ASCII or HEX command to GPS device - Added commands editor - Added commands status viewer - Changed language files structure - Some GUI changes Server services - Added undelivered commands cleaner Android GPS-tracker - Added AGPS support - Added location memory. If Internet is lost, application will save location data. Once Internet is available, saved data will be uploaded to server. ************************* 2013-09-30 Version 2.1.7 ************************* Web application - Added low battery event - Improved route drift filtering - Added objects fast menu - Added overspeed count into general report - Some minor bug fixed and code optimizations Server services - Added auto database structure backup sending via e-mail - Services execute now a bit faster ************************* 2013-09-03 Version 2.1.6 ************************* Web application - Updated OpenLayers library to 2.13.1 version - Updated jQuery library to 2.0.3 version - Updated jQuery UI library to 1.10.3 version - Updated Flot library to 0.8.1 version - Updated jqGrid library to 4.5.2 version - Updated qTip library to 2.1.1 version - Added history route message viewer - GUI theme improvements - Fixed sub user list bug ************************* 2013-08-27 Version 2.1.5 ************************* Web application - Added user contact information form in user settings - Added events report - Events can be filtered by object name and event name - Fixed event viewing in subuser account ************************* 2013-08-13 Version 2.1.4 ************************* Web application - Added stops count to general information report - Added new report General information (merged) - Added shock event - Added power cut event - Some bug fixes regarding reports ************************* 2013-07-30 Version 2.1.3 ************************* Web application - Added accuracy settings which gives possibility to set how stops are detected, using GPS, ACC or GPS + ACC - Added accuracy settings which gives possibility to change min. driving speed and min. difference between points - Added accuracy settings which helps to eliminate drifting as much as possible if GPS device sends HDOP and GPSLEV values - Fixed parameters values during stops ************************* 2013-07-08 Version 2.1.2 ************************* Web application - Added history route and reports accuracy settings - Object list eye icon now switches on/off all object visibility - Object list magnify icon now switches on/off all object follow - Places list eye icon now switches on/off all zone and markers visibility ************************* 2013-06-13 Version 2.1.1 ************************* Web application - Added automatic driver detection via RFID/iButton - Added driver name in general reports - Added altitude parameter to history graph - Tooltips added - Added event system message sound alarm - Added event system message auto hide on/off