PN40 Personal/Asset GPS Tracker


Small and lightweight the PN40 personal GPS tracker has a popular world-wide reputation for the powerful amount of features it has. Not only does it have the ability to track and with its built in microphone and speaker, it can carry out two way audio as well as a listen in feature. Having no dial pad and only two simple buttons it is one of the most user friendly GPS on the market today. The PN40 has an IP65 rating which makes water resistant and is also shockproof to a 1 meter drop on concrete.

*This is a 3G device*

  • Waterproof to IP65 Standard
  • Track by Distance Interval
  • Up to 14 Days Battery Life
  • Low Battery Alarm
  • Track on Demand
  • Two Way Phone Call
  • SOS Alarm
  • Speeding Alarm
  • Track by Time Interval
  • Data Logger
  • Geo-Fence Alarm
  • Mileage Report
  • Receiving phone calls – Up to 3 phone numbers can be authorised with the PN40 GPS Tracker, giving the ability to call the device in the case of emergency and have a two way conversation.
  • Making phone calls – Pressing the SOS button for 2 seconds will call up to 3 authorised phone numbers in turn until one answers, having the ability to have a two way conversation.

The Ready Track PN40 GPS Tracker comes with a conveniently placed SOS button, if the user is in any kind of distress they can press and hold the SOS button for 2 seconds which will then attempt to call up to 3 registered phone numbers allowing them have a two way conversation and then the device will send a real time GPS location to all authorised phones.

The Geo-Fencing features allows you to draw an area on the map that you would like the vehicle to stay in, if the vehicle drives inside or outside of this fence the device will send you an email or SMS advising you of the situation.

The PN40 is is an affordable tracking device for any company or personal application, especially when taking into account the benefits this little GPS tracker has, its no wonder the PN40 is our most popular GPS tracker in Australia.

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Location Accuracy
Battery Life
Ease of Installation


  • Water resistant
  • Internal antennas
  • Thumb sized button allowing easier emergency alert or instant geo-fence setting
  • Low power consumption, long standby time with internal battery
  • Internal 3-axis accelerometer for power conservation and motion detection
  • Dimensions are 7.5cm x 3.5cm x 1.5cm and weighs just 70g

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