Mobile update: driver status, driver identification and new layout

Ecofleet Mobile application received a whole new design and structure. Focus has been on increasing ease of use and there are new features that will make companies work more effective. The goal was to make our Ecofleet Mobile application an even more practical tool that would bring profit to ReadyTrack customers and solve their problems more easily.

The usual modules (Vehicles, Map, Tasks etc) have been moved  to the vertical menu bar on the right edge of the screen. In the central part you can find driver (or employee) status and driver indentification functions. Below you can track your smartphone, edit settings or log out. Now we are going to talk about new useful features in Ecofleet Mobile application.

Driver status

Driver status is a completely new function in Ecofleet Mobile and employees can use it to mark down their worktime beginning and ending. Ecofleet customers can also set more detailed statuses that are useful for their business, for example “on the job site”, “busy”, “in the office”, “in customer meeting”. Every employee can measure their worktime and detailed tasks in their smartphone or tablet. You can get an overview of the worktime usage from the report made for this function – it gives clear overview of who exactly worked how much time in your selected time period.

Driver status can be used with Task management, but you can also use it as a standalone feature just to measure worktime.

Driver identification

Ecofleet is one of the first service providers to connect fleet management with task management. In order to connect the driver with his/her trips, in addition to driver status, you can now select and connect with the vehicle you are driving in Ecofleet Mobile application. This function is useful for companies where multiple vehicles are used by multiple drivers – for example courier services, trucking and service companies.

When the driver starts the day, he selects the vehicle for that day’s driving. In this way all trips are connected to the right person and trips can be added to the mileage logbook. With mobile driver identification you can check drivers’ green driving overview – which means an overview of driving behavior such as who is driving green and safely and who is not.

Driver identification in fleet management mobile application is a unique solution that will help make managing drivers quicker, more flexible and cheaper. Before you had to install RFID card reader or some other hardware based system to every vehicle.

The update will be published to Ecofleet Mobile Android and iOS application in the next few weeks and it is usable in both smartphones and tablets. Be sure to update it in your devices! If some features described here are not found in your app, but you would like to use them, contact our sales team – they will give more details about the solutions and help implement them.