Mining sites face very specific issues which differ from the majority of Australian businesses, these issues revolve around employee safety, compliance and underutilised assets resulting in wasted capital and higher operating costs.

Ready Track has experience in working with mining companies to put together a complete fleet & staff management system, which also incorporates job management, asset tracking, tool tracking, and a plethora of compliance tasks and reports.

Its not only the software that must be perfectly suited to the application, but the hardware must also meet and exceed the requirements to perform at its best, being waterproof, shockproof & dust proof, as well as being upgradable and expandable to futureproof the investment.

All these reasons are what makes Ready Track the perfect fleet management partner.

The right hardware for the job

The harsh environment of a mining site means the hardware must be specially designed to withstand high temperature, but also be waterproof and dust proof, all of these protective requirements are needed to withstand the elements.

On the other hand, having a product that can handle the most complex solutions, multiple inputs, multiple outputs, duel communication methods with 3G/4G & satellite modems, driver identification, driver behaviour, vehicle computer reading, and much much more, the Ready Track telematics device is perfectly suited to the mining industry.

mining device

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