How limo companies use fleet tracking software

limoLimo services are a good opportunity to make a special event become unforgettable. In the past, Limo hire services have mainly been popular with school proms and weddings. Arriving at a special occasion in a limo is not only a great feeling; it also creates a good impression in the eyes of other people. Today there are more occasions where you might want to show up in a limo. These include an extra special date, a corporate or business travel, craft beer tours and pub crawls and classic reunions or homecomings among others.

Limo rental companies may sometimes get overwhelmed with the management of their vehicles when the demand is high. The entry of fleet tracking systems for fleet management in limo rental companies has been welcomed with open arms for the owners of these businesses.

Boundary Tracking

Limo rental companies will mostly charge based on the area that will be covered by the Limo from the business quarters. Although other factors like the Limo size and the number of passengers also matter, the Limo rental service provider always gives boundaries for which the limo should not transverse. A fleet management tracker like GPS is implanted in the limo to track the movement. If you breach the rule of the boundaries as a renter, you will have to pay a pre-set amount in fines, in addition to the rental service fee.

Time tracing

Limo rental companies also use a fleet tracking software to track the total time that their employee has used the car. If the time frame for the limo rental service is 2 or three hours it means the limo must be back at the rental office before that time period elapses. With the fleet tracking software embedded in the limo’s on-board computer, the data on time will be easily transmitted. Most Limo rental service providers will charge for the total time the limo was in use for their customer.

Keeping an eye of the chauffeur

Most Limo rentals also offer chauffeur services. Research has proven that workers behave better when they are aware that the limo is being tracked. The fleet tracking software in the limo car ensures that the chauffeurs stick to their line of duty in which they will be held accountable for or swayed by the client’s merry making decisions at the last moment.

Some fleet tracking software are even capable or recording conversations made inside the vehicle. A chauffeur who knows that the limo has a tracker will therefore stick to their work ethics and provide standard quality services.

What makes a good, reliable rental company?

The market seems to have all of a sudden flooded with limo rental service providers. This can make it difficult for you to make the best choice for the rental service provider to hire. Here are questions to ask when considering a good limo rental service provider.

  1. How reliable are they?
  2. Do they charge extra for superior services
  3. Do they offer any type of insurance?
  4. Do they give special discounts?
  5. Are their vehicles tracked?

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