GPS technology and digitization prevent occupational accidents

Many are still reluctant to introduce GPS technology in the workplace. It is the fear of surveillance that lurks, and it is an understandable concern that Ecofleet often encounters. However, this hurdle is quickly overcome as soon as people see the benefits of the technology and how it ensures employees for example against occupational accidents.

Increased safety and fewer occupational accidents

Ecofleet’s customer, Skanderborg Supply, ensures their employees against occupational accident by activating an alarm at the office if the employee doing field work is not back in the car within 2 hours. Their special feature is that they often perform night work and supervision alone and therefore need extra security. Then the office can react quickly if an occupational accident occurs. The employees have become much safer and the occupational accidents fewer.

The GPS in the car ensures the employee in many ways that you may not think of. In case of an occupational accident, it provides you security to be able to prove your whereabouts and movements. Then you are not to blame for something you have not done, as was almost the case with our Autolog mileage logbook customer Sarah. Read how Sarah proved her innocence in a car accident.

New technology against occupational accidents

The technology company Caverion has taken a step further and has, as one of the first in the industry, developed an app for smartphone and tablet that ensures employees against occupational accidents. An app to promote employee safety is easy to get incorporated, and also writes, that the app has been received with great enthusiasm among the employees. District Manager Hanne Bruun Rendsborg sees the digitization of security as a major competitive advantage for the company.

Occupational accidents decrease

Occupational accidents have been the focus of the Labor Inspectorate, companies, organizations and trade unions for many years, and it is only now that we have begun to realize how technology can help. Actions in this area over the last 5 years have reduced occupational accidents by 5%, but there is much more than can be done.

Ecofleet’s fleet management detects driving behavior such as hard acceleration, braking, sharp cornering and several other parameters that not only improve the safety of the driver with the GPS but also for all the others in the traffic. Driving behavior improves significantly after installation of fleet management; that is the good news Ecofleet customers return with – and occupational accidents are getting fewer.

But we’re going to be even better to create a safe work environment for our employees, and Caverion has been the pioneers of this new app. Caverion has initiated several initiatives that will bring Caverion to the front of working environment and safety. And we know that happy and safe employees provide a business that delivers better results.

“As a serious player, you must take responsibility for the safety of your employees. Our HSE motto is that in Caverion we work safely, otherwise do not work,” says Neda-Maria Kaizumi, the HSE manager in Denmark and Norway. HSE is the international term for “Health, Safety and Environment”. Just half a year after the introduction of the app, the number of occupational accidents in Denmark has fallen from 27 to 14 in the first quarter, when comparing the number from this year with the number in the first three months of 2016, Neda-Maria Kaizumi states.

Digitization increases security

Thus, digitization is a concrete way of increasing security. Ecofleet work alongside the customer’s considerations and specific needs so they get the product that suits their business and work processes. From Skanderborg Supply’s man working alone at night – to Sarah driving home from work. Or large construction companies like MT-Højgaard, who makes their driving more efficient with Ecofleets systems and thus saving millions.

Data is a gold mine for companies

The good thing about Ecofleet’s fleet management, GPS technology and big data is that you not only get the product that is agreed upon from the start. It can develop greatly as you realize what it can do for you. It is often a learning process that companies go through, where they initially have a limited need, but gradually the system opens for more and more opportunities. It may be something of an eye opener for companies, how good an investment it is.

Read how businesses become wiser about themselves using data collected from driving – delivered in clear reports – as an infinite source of optimization and improvement of all processes. Fleet management is a gold mine of knowledge just waiting to get into play.