Speed the Deployment of Tracking, Dispatch and Driver Communication Using a Garmin Device

Garmin Dispatch Agent is a modular solution that provides integrated vehicle tracking, navigation, driver communication and dispatch capabilities. It uses the IsatData Pro satellite service and IDP terminals in tandem with off-the-shelf Garmin FMI-enabled devices as the human interface, to offer services including:

  • Stop management: Allow dispatchers to communicate and manage driver stops in real-time
  • Driver communication: Canned and free-form text messaging even outside cellular areas
  • Driver safety: Speed limit alerts help to enforce safe driving habits
  • Vehicle and cargo security: Driver identification checks even in the most remote areas
  • Electronic forms: Allow drivers and dispatch to exchange information using forms that can be completed on Garmin device
  • Hours-of-Service (HOS): Fulfill government logbook regulations by automating the entry and recording of all required information from the driver’s cab
  • Points of Interest: Send waypoints to Garmin devices over-the-air regardless of location

5 Reasons to Choose Garmin Dispatch Agent

  1. Quick Deployment: Simplifies the addition of comprehensive in-vehicle communication to fleet management solutions.
  2. Compatibility: Enables the use of industry-standard, Garmin FMI-enabled devices instead of proprietary data terminals.
  3. Reduced Costs: Optimizes the amount of information sent over the satellite network, keeping airtime costs down.
  4. Complete Coverage: Including satellite in a fleet management solution ensures reliable communication regardless of cellular coverage.
  5. Modular: Option to subscribe to just the Garmin API for users comfortable with Lua development.

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Improved Communications

Drivers and dispatch officers will now have a dedicated method of communication. without the need to call or SMS the driver, the dispatch officer has a central communication portal and the driver has a safe method of communication, utilising the Garmin message system also through the driver status menu, the ability to select a predefined set of statuses such as available, unavailable, break, off duty, etc.

Improved Dispatch Functionality

Drivers will now have access to information such as their route, turn-by-turn directions according to their vehicle, and new job alerts. They will also be able to accept the job right on their device and when arriving at the destination, the Garmin unit will automatically ask the driver if he has completed the job, also  allowing the driver to leave a comment. Dispatchers no longer have to wait for the new day to assign tasks, as a full 30-days of dispatch assignments and information can be pre-loaded into the system for the fleet.


Electronic Logbooks

Electronic Logging Devices (ELDs) take the difficulty out of FBT compliant Logbooks. The device allows switching between business trips and private trips. Violation warnings keep your drivers in compliance, preventing fines and failed audits. Improve your Compliance Safety and Accountability scores with this new visibility into your drivers’ logs