GPS Fleet Tracking Systems in Australia

Ready Track’s GPS vehicle tracking systems provides you with control over your entire fleet operations and allows you to improve your business performance. GPS tracking for trucks and other company vehicles offers a valuable insight into the every-day performance of your business and vehicle fleet. Regardless of whether you have one or 100 vehicles, we can provide you with a vehicle tracking system to manage your fleet, lessen operating costs, identify inefficiencies, reduce wastefulness and improve driver performance.

Ready Track offers a wide range of products in Australia that suit any industry and any budget. We have everything from a plug and play GPS tracking system to a complete fleet management package that will not only track the whereabouts of a vehicle, but also maintenance scheduling and driver behaviour alerts for speeding and harsh accelerating/braking.

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Ready Track understands that people and companies have individual needs, which is why we don’t have a “one size fits all” GPS fleet tracking system. We tailor each and every product to suit your needs.

Ready Track will add and remove features to give you exactly what you need for the most affordable price. We have a wide variety of products for sale in Australia, starting at just $99.


Ready Track offers a no strings attached 30 day guarantee to businesses throughout Australia. This allows you to test out the system and make sure it is the right one for you and your company.

Ready Track also offered you and your company with one-on-one training to fully appreciate the advanced web portal features and maximise the benefits to your business. If you are not completely satisfied with our GPS fleet tracking system, you can return your equipment for a full refund.


With the Ready Track fleet tracking device, your employees don’t need to fill out tiresome log books any more. With accurate trip reporting and automatic scheduled emails, you can focus your time on more important things and let the Ready Track system do all the hard work for you.

Imagine just receiving weekly emails with the trip reports of your entire fleet, detailing driving times, distances, fuel usage, time on site, etc.


We don’t believe in lengthy binding contracts just to keep you as a customer. At Ready Track, we believe in our products, so when you choose our devices, we work hard and will go that extra mile to keep you happy.

We offer upfront payments and also repayment plans with a “fair go” policy in Australia. We want you to trust us in handing your needs and in turn, we trust you will be happy for many, many years with our services.

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Recommended Products

vx60 v4


VX60 Fleet/Vehicle GPS Tracker

The Ready Track VX60 is a GPS vehicle tracker specially developed and designed with OBD II (On-Board Diagnostics II) functions, mainly used for vehicle tracking, anti-theft, vehicle examination and fault diagnostics etc.

It can provide you with professional analysis for economic and safe driving.

VX60 can be easily and quickly installed, plug-in and play.

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ma100 gps tracker


MA100 – Motorcycle GPS Tracking Device

The MA100 is a water resistant GPS tracker designed for applications requiring low current drain such as motorcycle, boat and machinery.

With multiple I/O’s this is a great device with many uses. It is water resistant to IPX6 Standard and includes a built-in relay with Latch Circuit, to remotely enable/disable ignition

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tr800 gps tracker


TR800 Fleet/Vehicle GPS Tracker

The TR800 is our most popular hard-wired gps tracker with location accuracy to under five meters and having features such as remote engine cut, signal jammer detection and device tampering detection. The main benefit of hard-wired GPS trackers are that installation can be more discreet than the Plug & Play types, however professional installation is needed and removal of dashboard panels is necessary.

This device also has an in-built battery that can last for 8 hours after the vehicle’s battery has been cut or removed, meaning you can still track it long after thieves think you cannot.

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iButton Kits GPS Tracking

Driver ID

Ready Track has introduced a unique Near Field Communications (NFC) Driver ID key to its suite of fleet management solutions, to help managers keep better track of each driver’s productivity and on-road safety – no matter which vehicle they are in.

The Driver ID module enables your organisation to truly monitor driver safety in circumstance where there are multiple drivers for single vehicles and promote best work practices throughout your organisation.