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  • Voltage

    Most vehicles run on a 12v battery, but there are some that run on 24v or higher. The Ready Track range of devices are compatible with any one of these voltage ranges, meaning you wont short out the system no matter what type of vehicle you have.

  • Is my vehicle compatible?

    Any on of our GPS tracking devices can be made compatible to suit any application. for the Ready Track VX60, this is a Plug & Play vehicle tracker and is suitable for all vehicles with the OBDII/EOBD interface.

    All cars and light trucks built and sold in the United States after January 1, 1996 were required to be OBD II equipped. In general, this means all 1996 model year cars and light trucks are compliant, even if built in late 1995.

    All gasoline vehicles manufactured in Europe were required to be OBD II compliant after January 1, 2001. Diesel vehicles were not required to be OBD II compliant until January 1, 2004.

    All vehicles manufactured in Australia and New Zealand were required to be OBD II compliant after January 1, 2006. Some vehicles manufactured before this date are OBD II compliant, but this varies greatly between manufacturers and models.

Device Tampering

  • Can my staff remove or switch off the device

    Yes anything is possible, however Ready Tracks products are all small enough to hide in very tight places underneath the dashboard with no wires or antennas in plain sight.

    Ready Track also has certain fail safe mechanisms to send alerts when common forms of tampering are detected such as cuts in wires, removal of fuses or disconnection or tampering with antennas.

  • Where is the device fitted?

    Ready Track  has many different options when it comes to GPS tracking devices, all having different installation set ups. The Ready Track VX60 is a Plug & Play model which simply plugs into the vehicles computer port found underneath the dash bourd and then hidden using an extension cable.

    Other GPS trackers in our range are usually professionally installed within the dashboard of the vehicle. Installation is completely hidden from view including both GPS and GSM Antennas. Installation is non invasive with only minimal connections.


  • How should i introduce GPS tracking to my employees?

    GPS tracking is becoming more and more popular with business owners and managers, having total control over your fleet makes your job easier and more efficient. However, there are many potential pitfalls that may arise in having GPS trackers fitted to employee vehicles, for instance, if you don’t properly introduce the initiation of GPS tracking to your employees, they will more than likely get the wrong impression and be upset, angry or even feel that there is no trust between them.

    If you are ready to have a meeting regarding GPS tracking, keep in mind that there are so much more to GPS tracking than just seeing a dot on a map. Below is a list of features that are going to benefit your company, these are the features that you should be bring up in the meeting when introducing the new system to your employees.

    • Fuel consumption reporting
    • Speeding and aggressive driving alerts and reports
    • Theft prevention and vehicle recovery
    • Lowered insurance premiums
    • Maintenance alerts
    • Automatic Logbook reports

    Keeping the above business benefits in mind when first introducing the implementation GPS tracking to your employees will most definitely result in a deeper understanding in the reasoning behind installing the GPS trackers in their vehicles.

    On top of the benefits the GPS tracking system can have to a business, an added bonus is its already mentioned ability to measure driver performance by giving alerts such as speeding, harsh braking, rapid accelerations and high RPM. These driving practices can be detrimental to a business and also the person driving the vehicle.

    Create reports based on driving alerts weekly or monthly and display that report in your meetings to encourage safe driving, and you could even offer incentives based on their clean driving record. After a while you will notice your employees being more careful when driving which will mean less speeding fines, accidents and fuel costs.

    In conclusion, with the Ready Track System, GPS Tracking is so much more than just GPS tracking. It offers both business owners and employees benefits far greater than first imagined.

  • Network Coverage

    Ready Track Pty Ltd has teamed up with m2mOne as their service provider in all their GPS Tracking devices, utilising the  Telstra NextG+ (3G) network which covers over 95% of the Aussie population in terms of reception we can offer the best service at a competitive price.

    Coverage and reliability is one of the key areas Ready Track focuses on, and through our experience, we have concluded that Through the Telstra NextG+ (3G) network, our GPS Trackers can work reliably every time, with almost no dropouts.

    If you would like to see if your area is covered by the Telstra network, you can visit the coverage page on the Optus website here > https://www.telstra.com.au/coverage-networks/our-coverage

  • Why do i need to pay for monitoring fees?

    All GPS tracking devices require the use of a sim card with a suitable monthly data plan to transfer the location and vehicle data to our secure servers to then be viewed through the web portal.

    The standard sim card data plan commonly obtained through service providers such as Telstra or Optus start at approximately $25 per month, along with the costs involved with setting up and maintaining a secure server and web portal, these are the reasons GPS tracking companies need to charge monthly tracking fee.

    Ready Track utilises the Telstra NextG+ (3G) network and have plans starting at just $19 per month, which includes the sim card, data plan, access to the web portal and 24/7 Support.

    View our plans HERE

  • Accuracy

    Our range of GPS tracking devices are able to obtain accuracy down to 2-10m depending upon many factors, as GPS signals are often very weak and are affected by many environmental factors. However, as compared to Mobile Location Services (MLS), where the GSM provider utilises triangulation techniques to try to pinpoint the location of the device, its accuracy is proven to be much worse than that of GPS.

    In CBD areas where both sides of the street are blanketted by skyscrapers, accuracy may be reduced. Of course GPS cannot function within buildings, so the portal will report the last known location. For example:- The position just before you entered that underground car park.


  • What are the legalities of GPS tracking?

    Is GPS tracking legal? In short, the answer is YES!

    First of all, please keep in mind that we are experts in GPS tracking and technology, and not a law firm so this is not legal advice. If you have a legal issue, you need a lawyer, period.

    So please take this article as advice only and not legal advice.  The question as it is written is nearly impossible to answer accurately.  You really need to go through a chain of other questions to get even close to an answer.

    Below are a few pointers to get you the answer you require

    • Are you the owner of the vehicle what will have the GPS tracking fitted?  If you are, it is almost certainly legal in Australia, except (and this can be a big exception) if the person you are gathering information on is an adult and a co-owner of the car … example, your spouse.  You could get in trouble regarding invasion of privacy, and you could find that information you gather is legally inadmissible.
    • Is the installation secretive or disclosed?  Example, if you are a car rental company and you warn people that you are GPS tracking the car it is likely legal.  If you just install the device and use it secretly you are likely running a legal risk.

    If the person driving the car is your employee, it’s almost certainly legal.  Again, though, informing the employee of the GPS tracking device will be much better than not. We also find, from experience, that companies who disclose GPS employee tracking properly, in advance, gain more benefit than companies who try to keep it secret.

    The Turnbill Hill law firm states that you must provide a notice to your employees informing them that they will be monitored during working hours, and the notice must indicate:

    (a)  the kind of surveillance to be carried out (GPS for tracking purposes), and

    (b)  how the surveillance will be carried out (via the installation of a GPS tracking device), and

    (c)  when the surveillance will start, and

    (d)  whether the surveillance will be continuous or intermittent, and

    (e)  whether the surveillance will be for a specified limited period or ongoing.

    Furthermore, there must be a notice, clearly visible on the vehicle, indicating that the vehicle is currently the subject of GPS surveillance.

    Employers must be aware that GPS tracking devices may only be used to monitor an employee’s activities whilst they are “at work”.

    In conclusion, GPS tracking is definitely legal in Australia under the right conditions, namely in disclosing the fact that they will be monitored.

Lock in Contracts

  • Do i need to be locked into a lengthy contract?

    Ready Track generally we do not tie you into any contract periods. You may disconnect at any time by giving one billing period notice so that we may cancel the Mobile Data Service with our telecommunications carriers. Ready Track does however impose a “Fair Go” clause where certain products are subsidied and sold below cost. In this case if you disconnect within 12 months, we request that you either return the product to us or you may keep the product and pay the difference between the subsidised cost and the normal price.


  • How secure is my data?

    Each accounts location data is stored separately with a randomly generated maximum protection password that only the system can make use of. We will never view your data unless given express permission by the account holder. The period of time that your data remains on our servers is dependant on the client, and if the service is terminated, we will remove all data.

    Ready Track also uses a 256bit encryption through Comodo SSL, SSL is the standard security technology for establishing an encrypted link between a web server and a browser. This link ensures that all data passed between the web server and browsers remain private and integral.

Vehicle Theft

  • What should i do if my vehicle is stolen?

    Our product will follow your vehicle, and depending on the alarms that you have installed, you will be notified that it has left your house / work area, or even that it has been turned on. In addition, we offer a remote disabling solution, so that if your vehicle is stolen, it can be recovered quickly and safely by cutting the power to the car through our advanced web portal.


  • Do your devices come with warranty?

    Ready Track offers unlimited replacement warranty while the device is being monitored by us, after this the devices come with a hassle free 12 month replacement warranty in the unlikely event of a fault.

    However warranty will be void in the following circumstances;

    1. Product defects or damages due to human error, such as operating the device outside of its intended use.
    2. Products have been disassembled, repaired or modified by users without prior approval by Ready Track.
    3. No valid proof of purchase from Ready Track