From mileage documentation to safety the Ready Track GPS tracking solution is an affordable and effective tool for both sales people and management.

Drivers are more responsible when they’re aware their vehicle activity is being tracked. You’ll also have peace of mind, knowing precisely where they are if they require assistance, helping you meet your occupational health and safety obligations that apply equally to workers in vehicles as in offices.

Adding the Driver ID module, you’ll always know which staff are driving each vehicle, allowing you to monitor speeding, private versus business usage and undertake FBT reporting. Set driver licence expiry alerts to ensure drivers are always fully licenced.

Help your sales people arrive safely, on time and ready to do business. With Ready Track’s driver console unit your sales people simply type in their destination address and go, even in unfamiliar regions.

With Ready Track’s affordable online GPS tracking solutions you’ll run your sales force more efficiently, have strengthened customer relationships and most importantly improve your profitability. It’s a sales person’s road map to success.

Save your sales people time on unnecessary administrative tasks – sales people will no longer need to keep their own vehicle history records or record their hours worked. Timesheets are replaced by detailed reports showing:

  • where vehicles are
  • where they’ve been
  • how they got there
  • the route taken
  • time spent on site

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Salesman in a car showroom GPS Tracking

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