Car Lease Guide-Buying Versus Leasing a Car in Australia

There are many resources available for researching your preferred vehicle, whether for buying or leasing, especially online. Manufacturers all have their own websites, and there are dozens of car guides and reviews available.

Avoid car models with a high number of recalls and /or safety problems. Last thing you want when you purchase or lease the car is to run into maintenance problems that fall outside your warranty.

There are other important factors you should know about the car, such as the popularity of the model, has the model being selling, average price range, common problems, business car finance rates, etc. Also consider the geographic region of where you’re acquiring the vehicle. For example, if the vehicle spent most of its life out the coastal parts of Australia it may be subject to rusted framework due to the high grade salt used on the roads in the cold winter seasons.

Buying a Car Lease

Just like you would do when making any big purchase, the first thing you should do before stepping into the ring with a car leasing Australia seller is to do your research. This should be done before working out the details of the sale. As in all negotiations, the advantage goes to the party that is more informed and has done a better job preparing and gathering information before the actual negotiation.

Many people do not make the necessary preparations before visiting a dealership to buy or lease a car. With the Internet being such an easily accessible tool, finding the information you need, such as business car finance rates, is seconds away. Consider the source of your information before taking it as the definitive answer and always be sure to double check on the information that is important to you. The right websites will be able to provide you free car leasing Australia resources and will make it very easy to get the answers you need.

While it does require a little up front work, spending the time to do your research will pay-off in spades. Not only will you increase your chances of saving potentially thousands of dollars, you will also walk away with the satisfaction of making a great purchase.

Which is better; Lease vs. Buy?

Well, without sounding cheesy, the answer is: it depends.

In some cases, leasing makes perfect economic sense. In other cases, it doesn’t. If you have a budget, drive mainly to go to work, like to replace your car often, don’t want to put down a large down payment, would like to save on taxes, and would like to drive a nicer car than if you financed, then car leasing Australia is for you.

If, on the other hand you usually keep cars for many years, and drive out of town a lot or rack up mileage in other ways, then buying a car may be right for you. Another great option to look at is to take over a lease. You can find many lease cars to take over at Lease-X.