• 6 ways to increase fleet productivity with GPS Tracking

    Implementing a GPS fleet tracking system in your company is one of the easiest way to dramatically increase fleet productivity through the many features available in our Ecofleet software, in a recent Bobit Business Media survey, 59% of fleets said productivity was a major benefit of implementing a GPS tracking system, which fell just ahead of decreased fuel consumption and

  • 8 Benefits of a GPS Fleet Management System

    Have you ever wondered what the benefits are of implementing a GPS fleet management system in your company? Australia is still in the early stages of really utilising all the features and benefits a GPS fleet management system can provide, most companies that already have this system in place are just using it to place a dot on a map,

  • Vehicle maintenance reminders

    Have you ever forgotten a vehicle maintenance? We have, too. That’s why we created Reminders Module in the Ecofleet Fleet Management System. And now it is even more user friendly than before with less filling in. Useful reminders The reminders module is used for vehicle-specific reminders, most usually for regular maintenances. Usually you should go through a maintenance every year

  • Mobile update: driver status, driver identification and new layout

    Ecofleet Mobile application received a whole new design and structure. Focus has been on increasing ease of use and there are new features that will make companies work more effective. The goal was to make our Ecofleet Mobile application an even more practical tool that would bring profit to ReadyTrack customers and solve their problems more easily. The usual modules (Vehicles,

  • How limo companies use fleet tracking software

    Limo services are a good opportunity to make a special event become unforgettable. In the past, Limo hire services have mainly been popular with school proms and weddings. Arriving at a special occasion in a limo is not only a great feeling; it also creates a good impression in the eyes of other people. Today there are more occasions where