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Manage Fuel Expenses

The Ready Track Ecofleet platform has a handy fuel card integration module that links a vehicle to a fuel card and enables you to monitor fuel fillings, fuel consumption and fuel economy all from the convenience of your computer.

Fuel cards provide many options for managing the purchasing of fuel for fleet vehicles. They offer customized spending controls and fraud alerts.

Even though a fuel card looks identical to credit cards, they have several unique features:

  • Block access to specific Merchant Category Codes
  • Limit purchases with time-of-day restrictions
  • Require driver to enter current odometer
  • Require PIN number authorisation

Limit Fuel Theft

Automatically import all fuel card transactions for your fleet and our software compares the fuel purchased on fuel card to the actual fuel consumption of the vehicle, it will also show you the location of the fuel filling compared to the actual location of the vehicle during the fuel filling, this will visibly show you when a driver has used the fuel card to fill other vehicles.



The Ready Track Ecofleet platform is not only restricted to one brand of fuel card, we can easily integrate any fuel card or credit card into our platform to allow you to monitor not only fuel expenses, but also other motor vehicle expenses such as maintenance, parking, taxi fares, etc…

The system automatically imports date, time, location, product and price of each transaction and compares it with location of the vehicle when refuelled. If the locations do not match, a special report is formed in email or text formats. This option effectively avoids refuelling inappropriate vehicles.

The system compares the fuel volume recorded in transaction information and volume actually poured in the tank. When it differs a special report is generated and email / text notification is sent.

Implementing a fuel card within your fleet along side the Ready Track Ecofleet platform, you can expect considerable fuel costs savings after the first month!

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