8 Benefits of a GPS Fleet Management System

gps fleet management system benefitsHave you ever wondered what the benefits are of implementing a GPS fleet management system in your company?

Australia is still in the early stages of really utilising all the features and benefits a GPS fleet management system can provide, most companies that already have this system in place are just using it to place a dot on a map, which is just basic GPS tracking, but there is so much more that.

If you run a transportation company or you have staff that are consistently in the field, you know just how important it is to monitor your vehicles. From liability to costs, not knowing where your vehicles are can lead to a lot of guesswork, which can be frustrating when you’re trying to meet deadlines and satisfy customers. That’s where a GPS fleet management system comes into play.

Having a good GPS tracking system in place can make all the difference for your business and will bring in tons of benefits. Here are 8 benefits that come from utilising a GPS fleet management system for your business.



1. Manage Drivers and Field Staff

Whether you have drivers transporting materials from one place to another or you have staff that has to drive for their jobs, a GPS fleet management system can help you manage your drivers effectively. With a fleet tracking system, you will have the ability to pull up data and obtain information regarding your drivers, giving you the ability to take appropriate action.

With location, vehicle speed, and other driver performance features, you can easily see what your drivers are doing and how they are driving at all times. How your employees drive can be a direct reflection of your company, so make sure your drivers are operating their vehicles the way they are supposed to.

2. Safety First

The road can be a dangerous place. From distracted drivers to bad weather, accidents can happen in the blink of an eye, and getting help to your drivers on time can make all the difference. With a GPS tracking system, police and ambulances can find your vehicles and drivers quicker. This means that in the event of an accident, your staff is getting the emergency help they need in a timely manner.

3. Locate Your Assets

When you have multiple vehicles that are driving everywhere, especially in areas that are not always known to be the safest, things can unfortunately go missing. With vehicle tracking, you can find your lost or stolen vehicles in no time, which can save you lots of time and hassle. Especially if you’re delivering products to a customer, knowing where you supply is at all times can be crucial to your business.

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4. Time Saver

As we said before, accidents happen, but when you’re trying to make a delivery and meet deadlines, accidents and the resulting backed-up traffic can be a big problem. By utilizing GPS tracking technology, your drivers and staff reroute to avoid accidents, bad weather, and even construction. This means that instead of sitting in bumper to bumper traffic for hours on end, your drivers can find alternative routes, which helps them get the job done quicker.

Also, when you’re saving time you can increase your productivity. If your drivers don’t have to spend forever waiting in traffic or for an accident to get cleaned up, that means more time to make more deliveries. So not only will your customers be satisfied with your speedy service, but your drivers and staff will be able to get more work done and it will save you labor and transportation costs.

5. Access to Data

In the event of a liability issue, it’s important for you to have the correct information to back up your claims. With fleet management technology, you have the data and resources that say exactly where your vehicles were at specific times. This information can be the difference between you saving money, or having to empty your wallet because you didn’t have access to the appropriate data to back up your claims.

6. Better Financial Management

Because you have access to more data with fleet management, you can also better monitor financial data. Instead of your employees using a handwritten log to track their mileage and data, you’ll have a system that does all of that for you. It will be more accurate too, which could potentially save you money by making sure your employees get paid exactly what they are owed.

It’s also a better financial management tool because you won’t have to spend countless hours gathering all this data from your drivers and staff. With the click of a button, you can have all this information gathered in no time, allowing you to be more productive and put your focus on other matters of your business.

7. Easy to Use

With GPS fleet tracking technology, you can receive critical information such as location, vehicle status, and any other information you would need to know in regards to the whereabouts of your vehicles. As an added bonus, you or your vehicle tracking managers can easily access this information via smartphones, tablets, and laptops. This means you can be holding all the data you need in just the palm of your hand.

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8. Be a Step Ahead of the Competition

Especially if you’re a delivery service, competition can be fierce. Getting products and services on time to a customer can be the difference between them sticking with your services, or deciding to go a different direction. With a GPS fleet tracking system, you can remain a step ahead of the competition by finding faster routes to your destinations.

GPS fleet tracking systems can also put your business ahead of the competition by streamlining your transportation. You can reduce costs, monitor your vehicles, and keep your customers happy. What’s not to love about that?

Easily-available data, time and cost savings, safety, and more: there are lots of perks that can come from taking on our GPS fleet management system. Whether you have hundreds of vehicles or just a couple modes of transportation, your business can easily reap the benefits of a good fleet tracking system.

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