5 easy ways to save fuel in your business

If you are operating or managing a fleet, you know that fuel is a huge cost and one that is difficult to streamline. But not if you have the help of a fleet management system, it tells you all about where to save.

5 easy ways to save fuel:

1. Save fuel with less idling:

Every hour a vehicle is standing idle corresponds to 40 km of driving. Businesses can hence save a lot of money and fuel monitoring and reducing vehicle idling.

2. Save fuel with better routing and task planning

With proper planning of both known and unknown tasks of the day, vehicles spent more time on the jobs and less on the road. This is known by Ready Track to be one of the major ways to save not only on fuel, because as fuel do cost a lot of money, so does your workers time.

GPS vehicle tracking like a fleet management system, means you know the exact location of your vehicles and can dispatch the closest man to the job. And everyone gets the most direct route to the job. Ready Track Ecofleet Task Module also lets your man in the field communicate online with the office, saving a lot of time driving back and forth turning in pictures and papers. This is all done inside the system and on the driver’s tablet or smartphone.

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3. Save fuel with better vehicle maintenance

Vehicles that receive regular maintenance run better and saves you a lot on repair. Vehicles that run better use less fuel and have a longer life expectancy. Not to mention what any delay will cost you in man hours if a vehicle breaks down due to neglected maintenance. Ecofleet fleet management has maintenance as an automated feature in the system, where you e.g. get notifications if a maintenance is due.

4. Save fuel on less speeding and efficient green driving

If you overspeed you use more fuel, and this seems like a small thing, but it will quickly show on your expenses. We know that it does not take much action to save a significant amount of fuel, just a little change in driving behavior and it shows on the bottom line.

Ready Track Ecofleet fleet management has an Event module, where you can detect high acceleration, braking, cornering and driving in or outside a given area or time you have set. Furthermore, Ecofleet has a Green Driving module to improve overall driving behavior to save fuel.

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5. Save fuel on fuel cards and avoiding theft

A lot of companies use fuel card and the best fleet management system has this integrated in the system. It provides you with a great overview of fuel usage and costs. The system can pinpoint any fuel wasting habits and help you take the right actions to prevent this in the future.

Some companies have troubles with fuel theft, which is why we have integrated alarms and notifications if the fuel level in your fleet has any irregularities.

This was the 5 biggest areas you can save a lot fuel. Use close supervision and sophisticated monitoring in your fleet management system to help you get your business smarter and save even more fuel.

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Reliable fleet management data helps you pinpoint direct cause of high fuel consumption, eliminate fuel leakage, enforce fuel saving driving habits, ensure your vehicles runs efficiently, and reduce your overall fuel and fleet costs.

Call Ready Track today and let us help you get your business smarter and save fuel.