Fleet, Vehicle & Personal GPS Tracking Systems in Australia

Fleet / Vehicle Tracking

Ready Track have the most advanced GPS tracking devices, with solutions available for SME sized fleets through to the largest industry fleets. From simple tracking to multi-sensor trackers. Increase productivity and profitability by tracking your vehicles

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Asset Tracking

Keep a close eye on your most valuable assets with GPS tracking devices so small they can fit in your pocket you can track anything from safes to tractors. Improve security and monitor your valuables with our innovative solutions.

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Driver Safety/Performance

Monitor the driving behaviour of your staff by setting up System, Email and SMS alerts for Speeding, hard cornering, high RPM, rapid acceleration and braking etc… The driving behaviour of your employees is a reflection of your company.

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Job Dispatching

Dispatch jobs to the closest drivers vehicle without picking up the phone, our job dispatch system ensures maximum efficiency and keeps your drivers active. Improve productivity, and increase profit margins using our job dispatch devices.

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Providing advanced GPS tracking systems in Australia, tailored to suit any budget

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Our mission

Ready Track strives for customer satisfaction and would never try to sell a solution to a company unless we were completely certain that it would benefit them, it is one of the reasons why we have built a long term business relationship with our customers. Customer service is our top priority and we are committed to finding the best outcome for every client.

We offer a wide range of GPS tracking devices in Melbourne, Sydney and throughout Australia. We can tailor a package to suit any industry and any budget, from Plug & Play Vehicle GPS and Asset Tracking systems, a to a complete 3G fleet management and dispatch system that will not only track the whereabouts of a vehicle, but also have the ability to monitor on-board diagnostics such as current speed, engine errors, fuel economy, harsh accelerating/braking, geo-fencing and much much more.

GPS Benefits

Reduce Fuel Costs
Increase Productivity
Reduce Labour Costs
Improve Response Times
Better Customer Service
Increase Profits

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 Why choose Ready Track as your GPS tracking provider?

  • Latest 3G/4G Technology, small and discreet. No more bulky antennas
  • Assets tracked in real-time! Not 5+ minutes like other companies
  • Constantly updated tracking platform on Desktop, Tablet or Mobile
  • Data Security with SSL and Penetration Test Reports
  • Real-time alerts on reckless driving, speeding, entering/exiting zones, etc
  • Unlimited SMS, Email and System alerts
  • Full replacement warranty for the life of your plan
  • Monitor vehicle fuel consumption, cross check with fuel card usage
  • Schedule vehicle maintenance and registration alerts
  • Create sub-user accounts for your managers

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Let Ready Track guide the way!

Ready Track operates out of its head office in Sydney, in the heart of the largest industrial area of the southern hemisphere. However, we have a diverse range of customers from all over Australia, and even other parts of the world! Whether you are in the market for a vehicle GPS tracking system in Melbourne or an asset GPS tracking device in Sydney, we have the ideal solution to keep you on track.

Our tracking products are manufactured using the finest materials imported from reputable brands. We only sell the highest quality merchandise, however if you are unhappy with your purchase, Ready Track offers repayment plans with a “fair go” policy.

If you have any questions about our services in Melbourne, Sydney or throughout Australia, please feel free to give our extremely professional and friendly customer service team a call on 1300 766 703. You can also contact us via email on sales@readytrack.com.au or fill out our quick and easy online enquiry form. We will get back to you as soon as possible with detailed answers to your questions and queries.